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Reindeer Christmas cakes

We had so much fun making these Reindeer Christmas cakes; it’s so easy too.

Reindeer Christmas cakes
Reindeer Christmas cakes

For 25 cakes you will need:
– 25 (preferably round brownies) store bought or you could make your own.
– Bag of pretzels (antlers)
– Mini marshmallows (eyes)
– M&M’s (nose)
– Powder sugar and some water (only a tablespoon) for “glue” .

Break the pretzels at the curve, so that you’re left with the middle pieces. Stick them into the brownie, top middle, as these are the antlers.
Mix the sugar with the water; combine until it becomes thick white glue like substance.
Slice the mini marshmallows in half, they should be sticky enough to stick right onto the brownie, as the eyes.
These Rudolph cakes can have any colour nose, so pick a nice colour M&M “glue” it on for the nose, just below the eyes.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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