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Santa’s fruit sticks

Santa loves some fruit at Christmas time. These fruit sticks are also so easy to make with kids, and make a great Christmas treat.

Santa Fruit stick
Santa Fruit stick

For 25 fruit sticks you will need:
– 25 toothpicks
– 25 strawberries
– 25 seedless white grapes
– 25 banana slices, about 3 large bananas
– Mini marshmallows

Wash and dry the strawberries and grapes. Cut off the top of the strawberries, creating an even surface so that the banana slice fits nicely.
Take a toothpick and prick it through the middle (length ways) of a grape.
Slide on the slice of banana, followed by the strawberry.
To complete the little Santa, put the mini marshmallow on top of the strawberry.

I came across this on Pinterest!

Happy Holidays ☺

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