Kuaresma on Curacao

Most of us are still recovering from the  Curacao Carnaval 2016. It’s been said that the Curacao Carnaval is as great as the mother of all carnavals: Rio de Janeiro. Either way, it’s come and gone and now it’s time to heal and cleanse ourselves, Kuaresma!

A time to reflect ... Kuaresma on Curacao
A time to reflect …

Although I feel that we should be looking after our bodies all the time, I am probably the first to (over)indulge in the many yummy things life has to offer. Going ‘cold turkey on the good stuff’ and ‘cleansing oneself’ is a lot easier when you know that the rest of your community is going through a similar cleansing programme. It’s not that bad I know, as a matter of fact it’s actually rather refreshing.

Mother Nature is lending a helping hand during this time on Curacao, the wind is howling from time to time, blowing all the ‘groggies’ off this rock, leaving only the goodness. This morning early it even rained, it hadn’t rained in weeks!
The flying of kites has been an age old tradition on Curacao during the time of Kuaresma. This still stems from the slavery period, when the slaves had planted the seeds on the fields and used kites as scarecrows to protect their growing crops from birds and other creatures. The constant strong winds make it fun these days to fly a kite, remembering and respecting the gone by days and celebrating freedom. When you’re on Curacao during this period, between Carnaval and Easter, be sure to buy a locally crafted kite and cast it up into the sky, send your troubles and fears up with the kite and let them go with the wind.

Let the wind take your troubles...
Let the wind take your troubles…


Cleansing your mind, body and soul on a beautiful island like this has become especially easy with all these great local entrepreneurs offering their cleansing teas, infused waters, (cold) pressed juices and (super)foods.
Have a look at
It’s Yummy Infused Water 
SuperNice Cold pressed juices 
– Have a farm lunch at Hofi Cas Cora (and start yoga classes)
– Buy your local goodies at the toko’s like Frutonica at the JanNoordduynweg
– Check out the Noosh Superfoods
– Add some microgreens to your salads from Fuik Microgreens
– Check out Mel’s Bliss for inspiring recipes and motivational articles

Pineapple and turmeric both known for their anti inflammatory properties.
Pineapple and turmeric both known for their anti inflammatory properties.


Traditionally fish is served a lot during this time. Fish resembles some form of cleanliness and purity, like lamb with Easter.
Creating awareness s part of my cooking workshops with kids, so during this time we’ve been talking a lot about sustainable fisheries and farmed fish. We’ve been cooking up some yummy fish sandwiches and fish tacos.

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