Farmers Market at the Boulevard Curacao

The location might be a bit unusual as you wouldn’t expect a Farmers’ Market at a boulevard, but this is Curacao: most stuff you’d never expect happen here 🙂
The first ever Farmers’ Market at Mambo Beach Boulevard, why? To get the boulevard visitors more in touch with the local goodness of this island, at a prestigious venue like the Boulevard. On an island with such a high import rate it is refreshing to find out more about the local goods and services. It’s all in the name of health, food and culture. Just in time to prepare for ‘Kuaresma’.

Farmers Market at the Boulevard
Farmers Market at the Boulevard

There will be lots of locally produced goodness on Saturday 30th January. From (cold) pressed juices, local nuts, plants, art and even wines from our very own winery. Music will be provided by Ultiminio Gonzales. There will be a petting farm and cooking workshops for kids.

The first 200 visitors will receive the 2nd ticket for the AquaPark for free, so make sure you’re there early! The market starts at 9:00.

There will plenty of tastings too.
Noosh will be there, they specialise in nutritionist-developed cold pressed juices, salads & super foods. The ingredients are fresh and nutrient-dense, wholesome and grown in proper ways and are free of preservatives.
“We embark on a duty to mankind to make this planet a healthier one by providing you with kind food & juices, made with 100% kind ingredients.”

* Spotted Banana will be showcasing their plant-based meals and snacks that will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

* It’s Yummy – Infused waters 
Some benefits of infusing fruits instead of squeezing them into water are that the taste is totally different. Infused water obtains its flavour from the rind and tastes bright and tangy, even after infusing for just 15 minutes.
The juice, on the other hand, tastes watered down and plain.It looks different as infused water looks prettier than the juice. Which is important because you also eat and drink with your eyes.
If a beverage looks colourful and healthy, you will intuitively drink it.
And infused water is packed with good calories and natural sugar.
Infused waters have far less calories. Less fruit is required to make infused water than to make a glass of fresh juice or smoothie.

Something that really caught my eye is Paluarte, wood craftsmanship from the island.
Hugo Sjak-Shie will turn any large piece of natural wood into the most amazing vessel. Using Mahok, Mispel and even Cedar woods he tries to strengthen the unity with and reverence for nature.
He gives trees a second life by bringing out its inner beauty. If you have a dead tree and want to thank it for what it meant for you, give Hugo a shout!

Muriel’s Kitchen will be giving some short cooking workshops for kids at the Boulevard. Continuing with the passion for cooking and teaching kids to prepare simple yet wholesome meals.
There will be 3 workshops:
9:00 – 10:00 – Breakfast
11:00 – 12:00 – Snack time
13:00 – 14:00 – Lunch

Register online for any of the workshop, but hurry as full is full, max 10 kids per workshop.

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