Dine with Mini during Restaurant Week Curacao 2017

Wonderful! That time of the year again when we get to try out different restaurants for a set price & menu, simply awesooooome! There are a bunch of restaurants we’ve been meaning to try out but… there is always a but…So, let’s do away with the ‘but-factor’ and make it a fun challenge: dine with dushi ánd the mini(s). That’s right! You CAN and you WILL, here’s how:

Stress-free tips on taking the mini(s) to dine out
*Take quiet toys such as puzzles, books and triangle shapes crayons so that they don’t roll off the table (or spend most of your evening under the table collecting and entertaining at the same time… multitasking?!?)

*Bring kids sized cutlery, think steak knives and restaurant size forks…

* Check the opening times of the restaurant, you would want to arrive at least 30 min before the kids’ normal diner time

*When booking your table, ask for a high chair if you need one, as most restaurants only have limited stock of these

*Go to a busy restaurant; despite the best efforts, outbursts happen, try to be somewhere busy

*Leave a good tip for the waiter, he/she has done his/her best to make your dining out experience as enjoyable as possible

And here is where I would recommend you take your dushi and your mini(s) during Restaurant Week Curacao 2017

Serafina, tucked away in a historic part of Punda, just off Penstraat, this authentic Italian restaurant has plenty of yummies to offer you and your family.
Open from 18:00

* Karakter, overlooking the Caribbean sea at Coral Estate, this shoreline restaurant offers a tasty blend of fish and meat dishes in a casual setting. Great with kids! Open from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

*Bij Blauw, another gem in Pietermaai. Totally love this place, great to take the (maybe a bit older) mini too! Casual yet elegant, makes you feel spoiled the moment you walk in!

*Cielo @Hilton Hotel Curacao, outdoor Italian cuisine inspired restaurant at the Hilton Hotel in Piscadera. Worth a try with the kids. Only opens at 18:30 so you might want to bring a nibble for the kids.

*Klein Sta. Martha, a bit of a drive but well worth it! They’re open from noon during the week and 8:00 AM in the weekends, closed on Wednesdays though until Oct 31st.

So there you have it, take the plunge, take on the challenge, you too can enjoy an evening out with your family. And remember: don’t take notice of anyone else, unless they’re being harassed by your little one 😉

Do your thing! You’re an awesome parent <3

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