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Vegetable Curry

Food Ambassador March challenge: Create your own recipe using only 5 ingredients with local and seasonal produce. Living on an island means that most of our fresh produce is imported, either flown in daily or by small fishermen’s boats from Venezuela. There are a few farms on the island, producing eggplants, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, tropical fruits, […]


Celebrating National Curry Week on Curacao

This week marks National Curry Week, what a great cause and such a lovely meal to have. We decided to try out Roti Mahaal on Curacao and took our kids with. When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly smile. The menu is simple but catered for everyone’s likes and tastes. The kids didn’t want […]

Curry Recipes

Peter’s curry

Peter introduced me to curry when we lived in Cape Town. He would take me to this spice warehouse in town; you could smell it from a mile away! Gosh it’s like being in a candy shop for me! I just love all the fragrant smells and goodies they have in those type of places, […]