Fun Easter Activities with Kids

Easter: the time when all starts to bloom and blossom

Some fun Easter activities for & with the Kids.
For the kids (and parents) often a well-deserved holiday, most of the time about two whole weeks to recover and have a good rest before we start the last term of school! (Can you believe we’ve made it this far already?!?)

At Muriel’s Kitchen we’ve been hosting plenty Easter celebration workshops with kids over the years. This year we’re doing it slightly different and we just wanted to share a few fun Easter activities with kids with you.

Cooking is our favourite part so let’s start with that 😉

fun Easter activities kids

First up is our little chick:
Really so simple but yet effective and kids all ages will be able to do this!
What you’ll need:
– hard boiled eggs
– carrots
– knife & cutting board

First we start with the ‘foot’: slice a piece of carrot, in that slice you cut 3 x small triangles and opposite those triangles you cut a small square (this is where the ‘leg’ will join the ‘foot). Next you cut a strip of carrot, this will be the ‘leg’, join the ‘leg’ with the ‘foot’.
Peel the egg and ‘sit’ the egg upright. Make small incision with a knife where you want the ‘legs’ to be. Insert the ‘leg’ into the egg.

fun Easter kids activities

Second up is a whole lot sweeter: Bunny’s hut
Not all Easter bunnies like to dig their shelter underground 😉 This Peeps Easter bunny prefers a mansion!
This is so easy-easy:
What you’ll need:
– square biscuits
– ‘glue’ – mix powdered sugar with water (3:1)
– Peeps bunnies

Try to build the bunny’s mansion by balancing the biscuits using the ‘glue’ to secure it! Decorate it just the way you know bunny likes it!

So other fun Easter activities with kids can be setting the table together, decorating it in a spring theme.
How about taking the kids outside for a wonderful hike, nature is blooming in this time of the year!
And of course the all time favourite is to play the hiding game with the eggs. Be sure to count how many you’ve hidden and where as here in the Caribbean you wouldn’t want any egg to be forgotten…or soon they’ll make it known somehow that they were forgotten … ieuwwww can you imagine the smell!

Whatever you do this Easter weekend, have fun, celebrate the small things in life and let’s be an extra bit more thankful for all we have around us.

-x- Muriel

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