Cozy drinks, even in the tropics!

Yummy, a cozy hot drink, preferably with a generous dose of chocolate and milk! From the basic hot chocolate to a lovely warm mochachino, it will keep you cozy for a while. The funny thing is that even in the (sub) tropics, we love to have a cozy drink!

With Halloween coming up in the States, it marks the arrival of autumn and soon winter in the Northern Hemisphere. And of course the season for the cozy drinks, with or without a dash of rum.

I came across this nice list of cozy drinks on Mashable earlier today. They all look so lovely, not sure which one we should try first. Masala Chai tea is for sure an all time favourite with me, as it compliments a good curry, warm and fragrant, spiced with cardamom, and a dash of milk.

Have a look at the list and be inspired to make your hot drink a cozy one! Here’s my take on Masala Chai tea.



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