Masala Chai tea – memories of Zanzibar

Masala Chai tea is one of my favourite hot drinks, the combination of the Black Tea, milk and spices such as cardamom makes this drink so comforting no matter the season. On our trip to Zanzibar we got to enjoy plenty of fragrant chai.

Masala chai (in Hindi literally “mixed-spice tea”) is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs.” – Wikipedia.

Masala Chai tea
Masala Chai tea

Here is how I brew Masala Chai.

What you need for 1 cup of Masala Chai:

– 1 teabag Black Tea, or Ceylon tea
– 2 -3 cardamon pods
– Piece of Lemon grass
– Small slice of ginger
– Dash of milk
– Dash of honey

Place the Black Tea, cardamom, lemon grass and ginger in the cup, pour the boiling water over all the ingredients, this will release all the goodness and flavours of the tea and the spices instantly.

Let it draw for about 1 -2 minutes, then remove the tea bag, cardamom, lemon grass and ginger. Add honey and milk to taste.

Sit back and enjoy your spiced tea…

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