Celebrating National Curry Week on Curacao

This week marks National Curry Week, what a great cause and such a lovely meal to have.
We decided to try out Roti Mahaal on Curacao and took our kids with.

Roti Mahaal Curacao
Roti Mahaal Curacao

When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly smile. The menu is simple but catered for everyone’s likes and tastes. The kids didn’t want to eat any curry but the lady behind the counter was more than willing to place a “plain rice” order through, we ordered the Roti Chicken curry and Roti Beef curry.

Our meals came on simple plates and our order number was called out. Three trays would carry our order. The roti’s were nice and fresh and homemade, the curry was light and mildly spiced, a typical Suriname kind of curry and some nice pieces of potatoes. The curries were served with spiced “kouseband” (string bean or yard long bean) and spiced cabbage.

The subtle fragrant flavour of these curries and the lovely ambiance left us feeling warm and happy. Absolutely a place to come back to for some roti, curry, and a happy feeling 🙂

Roti Curry
Roti Curry

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