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Taking #FRD2014 to the next level

My initial plans for Food Revolution Day 2014 are not coming along as nicely as I wanted to… but it gives me time to brew some clever plans and funky ideas to get a bigger project started.


Amazing how from a small idea something bigger can grow.
I sent an email to a few schools, for whatever reason I haven’t heard anything from them, so we will have to make another plan to host Food Revolution Day on Curacao.
This time of the year is always a celebration time for us, as we are having two birthdays after one another ☺

As the house will already be in a party mode, we might as well join in and celebrate Food Revolution Day 2014 at home, with the kids and their friends.
By having a Food Revolution Day workshop at home I can also see what approach works best with kids of different ages. Which fruits are they most familiar with and what is about the time frame they can keep their interest on one thing. This will also give me better insight in the materials we would need, and the ingredients of course.

So, although I tried to get something done at a local school, we will still get some kids involved in Food Revolution Day 2014, and I will definitely work on starting a project after the summer break to get this island rocking with Food Revolution activities.

Like I said, it all starts with a small idea and it is already growing ☺ Watch this space!

Food Revolution Curacao
Food Revolution Curacao

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