Restaurant Week Curacao

11th edition of Restaurant Week Curacao, a week in which the participating restaurants offer a set menu for a fixed price: only Naf 55,- p.p. What a great way to give that one restaurant a try. What about the kids? What about them? Take them with of course!

Great way to give a new restaurant a try!
Great way to give a new restaurant a try!

 Although some restaurants are really best enjoyed without kids, there are plenty restaurants, specially here on Curacao where kids are more than welcome and they can have a good time too!
With the kids having a good time, I don’t mean that they can choose from the deep-fried gunk menu (often disguised as kiddies menu), but that they too can enjoy a flavour-bursting meal prepared by some passionate chefs.

From the 40+ restaurants participating in Restaurant Week Curacao, I’ve listed a few restaurants where you can bring your kids without any hard feelings 😉

Avila’s Blues restaurant 
This restaurant offers delicious food, lovely jazzy tunes and the location is just amazing with the most beautiful sunsets that will even keep the busiest kid in awe.

Bij Blauw 
One of my personal favourites to bring the kids. It’s just such a lovely gem in Pietermaai, this restaurant really gives you that ‘away from it all’ feeling. A true dining out experience!

Yip, I know… This restaurant should be the first on the list but it’s in alphabetical order 😉 Karakter offers it all: great food, great location, great service! An absolute Must-Try with kids, they’ll love it!

Kyoto Sushi & grill
Sushi is a big hit with lots of kids! What a great choice for their favourite dishes! Great thing about Kyoto is that they also cater for non-sushi fans in a delicious way!

Landhuis Klein Sta. Martha 
They had an out-of-this-world Mother’s Day event, I can imagine how wonderful their set menu will be! Go on, take a drive with your family and soak up the goodness of Bandabou <3

As you walk through the entrance of L’aldea you will find yourself in a tropical rainforest type restaurant. The friendly staff will allocate you to a table and that’s when the adventure will start. Have fun at this one!

This trendy restaurants offers the comfort of dining in a chilled lounge or out in the garden. Fresh and trendy give Omundo that special note. Situated in Zuikertuin Mall it’s super central with plenty of parking!

So, here you go, a few great restaurants offering a great menu for a great price and you can bring the kids!

Since I’m sharing some tips & trick, I might as well give you a few pointers for taking the kids out to dine:
** Go early, order early (even if this means that the kids eat before you do) hungry kids in any place is no fun (for anyone).

**Some kids have trouble understanding that the meal in the restaurant is different from the one at home, talk to them about this and make them get excited to go on a flavour-adventure.

**Manners…. argh… no one is a fan, but it does keep things in a sort of order. So talk through the basic table manners, don’t do things you wouldn’t do at home.

Oh my, I’m curious to find out how it went! Let me know!! Above all this, have fun exploring the wonderful restaurant world out there!

Bring the kids just keep an eye on them :)
Bring the kids just keep an eye on them 🙂

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