Restaurant Week on Curacao

It’s almost here again: Restaurant Week 2018 on Curacao! Last year was really nice, I can’t wait to go on a yum-yum munching trip again! What?Yes, I’m bringing our KIDS!!! Bowahaha! If you don’t try you’ll never know right?!? I mean they (the kids) have to learn sometime right? RIGHT?!? :{

Restaurant week Curacao with kids
Bring the kids to Restaurant Week 2018

This year brings again some awesome yummyly restaurants to try to Restaurant Week Curacao, here are a few suggestions I would recommend trying if you’re bringing the kids:

Steak ‘n Ribs in Rif Fort Otrobanda 
This ‘steakhouse with a view’ is on top of the list to try with the kids. From their Facebook page it looks like a great spot; situated on the actual wall of the original Rif Fort overlooking the Caribbean Sea, guaranteed setting for a wonderful sunset show, if you’re lucky you might witness a cruise ship docking on one of the mega-piers. Steak and ribs seems like win win situation for the whole family!

My all-time favourite to take the kids. Restaurant Week Curacao sure allows for a feel-good reason to go again, although this spot is so wonderful you don’t need any reason, just go and enjoy, soak up the Karakter experience.

Tucked at the Zuikertuin Mall this trendy restaurant is a great family entertainment spot and so central on the island. The name says it all, the food served is from al over the world, plenty to choose from, great quality, wonderful experience. Go early when you’re bringing small kids, as the (weekend-) evenings get loud later on.

Landhuis Daniel
Dining out with kids can be a challenge, make sure that the surroundings are entertaining enough for the kids. At Landhuis Daniel there sure is plenty to keep the kids occupied. A beautiful country setting allows for the entire family to enjoy some of the best of what the island has to offer as well as an international menu. You can now also enjoy a bbq on the table experience, super cool to do with the kids!

Another must-try on the Restaurant Week Curacao list.
This gem serves authentic Caribbean cuisine and for sure a must try with the kids! (I can’t wait to give this one a try!) Located at the marina of Caracas Baai, this is a great place to have a family dining experience as their menu offers a bite for every taste….honestly I can’t wait to try out their Restaurant Week Curacao menu is!

There are 30+ restaurants to try during Restaurant Week Curacao, check ’em out here.

So before you book your table at one of these participating restaurants for your family dining experience, have a look at these tips ‘n tricks for a stress free dining experience with your kids (all ages 0 – 90 😉 )

Restaurant week on Curacao with kids
The happy family: stay confident when dining out with your kiddos!

Get the facts! Check out the menu online, so that you can start suggestion menu items the kids might want to order 😉

Make it exciting! Have a look if the restaurant offers a salad bar or buffet, kids just all the yummy options lined up.

Equality… when it comes to the ‘quiet toys’ such as the crayons and colouring books have to be EQUAL… don’t think you can get away with splitting a box of crayons between the siblings…E Q U A L… you don’t want the only orange crayon to be the cause of the monster of all restaurant tantrums…

Stock up! The time between ordering and receiving your (kids’) meal on the table can be a dreadful one at times…the wait…the amazing smells from the kitchen…stock up on some healthy quick bites to avoid any ‘hangry’ spells.

Lead by example…Stay cool, you’ve got this, be confident and don’t be distracted by any rolling eyeballs, huffs and puffs around you. It’s important keep the dining experience with your kids a fun one, if you are confident, the kids will follow 🙂

Real Cuisine. Choose the real food cuisines such as the trattoria, the steakhouse, or a farm-to-table restaurant to dine at. These cuisines have been. and always will be closest to our sense of comfort eating…that’s just what kids are after when dining at a restaurant. These restaurants most of the time don’t have a special kids menu either, which is great as it’s all still real food 🙂

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