Oh how your garden grows

Grow your Own – Update IIMuriel's Garden Where is the rain when you need it most? It hasn’t rained in months on Curacao and it’s starting to show. The cultivated plants are the first to go as they’re the “spoiled ones” who are used to wet feet and lots of TLC. The indigenous plants have adapted to long periods of drought and go into a kind of hibernation (if that’s possible for a plant…)

Anyhow, our plats aren’t doing too good 🙁 such a pity. Good news is that it’s not mainly due to the watering system, as that is still working. The plants have been beaten up by the shade cloth we put up to protect the “spoiled plants” from the harsh noon sun. Well… the wind decided otherwise and ripped the sail off its hinges and voila!

The garden needs some TLC, we gave it some last Wednesday but it needs more. So let’s get together on Friday 6th May from 9:00 – 12:00 to ‘Pimp the Patch’ before we go back to school on Monday. Pimp patchWe need the fence painted funky colours, we need the plants nurtured and re-planted and we need some funky scarecrows.

Feeling creative and need to get out of the house  on the last day of the holidays? Put your name in the list and let’s get creative and cooking of course!
Register here:

-x- Muriel Pimp the Patch

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