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Kids Farm Club – discover explore and create

As part of the basics of growing up, kids need to go outside to explore, discover and create, even on a sunny island like Curacao. The beach is not always accessible and there is much more to the island other than the sandy beaches and the blue waters.
Kids Farm Club offers kids the outdoors to explore, discover and create in a safe environment.

This generation’s upbringing is different from the last generation, one large difference is the time spent indoors. There are plenty of reasons why, some of them being: time spent interacting with electronic devices, the emphasis on scheduled activities and achievements, and concerns about sun exposure.

Yet we should go outside as there are so many benefits to being outdoors:
Sunshine, yes sunshine… even on Curacao! Our bodies need sun to make vitamin D that plays a crucial role in bone development and our immune system.
– Kids should be active for at least an hour a day, outside play is a great way to get some active play in nature.
Playing outside calls on the creative function of the brain. Skills like troubleshooting, negotiating and multitasking are trained whilst playing outside.
Nature appreciation. Our world is changing so much, our kids need to stay in touch with nature to be able to appreciate is and learn to care for it.

The weekly Kids Farm Club at Kunukie will give kids aged 4 – 12 years the opportunity to do all these within a safe environment. From 14:00 the kids are welcome to join us in the shade for a refreshing drink and snack after a morning at school.
During the ‘bright sunlight’ hours (from 14:00 – 15:00) we will stay in the shade cooled by the wind, exploring the kids’ (edible-) creative talents. Whether it’s baking, mixing, drawing, painting, cutting, pasting, modelling, making or make believe, all children love being creative if they’re given the chance. Developing a love of the creative process will set your child up as a creative thinker in all walks of life.

The rest of the afternoon we will explore the many areas of the farm.
By exploring the child will discover certain talents and will gain a greater self image, boosting the child’s confidence in getting to know his/her talents. While they are having fun inventing and playing games these interactions also help them improve communication, cooperation and organisational skills. Additionally, fresh air and free play reduce stress levels.

The great outdoors allows kids and adults alike to discover new worlds and new talents. Spending time in nature is associated with improving mood and happiness. An added bonus is that children who identify with nature are more likely to grow up to be adults who appreciate nature and want to protect the environment.

We like to keep the groups small, max 10 kids per day, this allows for personal interaction and attention within the group.
Please sign up here, and we will be in touch shortly to confirm registration.
Costs are Naf 30,- per child per week, monthly sign-ups and payments only.
Kids aged 4 should be potty trained and preferably accompanied by an older sibling.
Terms and conditions apply.

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Hi! Thanks for your visit! Unfortunately we’re not running any kids cooking classes or clubs at the moment.
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