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Holiday activities for kids on Curacao

Holidays are just around the corner, Easter and Labour Day all rolled into one loooong holiday. Kids are very excited and funny enough so am I 🙂 I’ve done some snooping around and found these great holiday activities for kids on Curacao, the great thing is that you can either have them go for a day or for a great priced package deal!
Check out these active outdoor holiday activities for kids!active outdoor holiday activities for kids on Curacao

So your kids like the outdoors? Mine certainly do! Check out these great outdoor holiday plans for kids:

For the ‘Horse and Hound lovers’ there is Rancho Harmonia:
Rancho Harmonia was founded in 2000, with the goal of improving the lives of those with special needs through therapy with horses.
Rancho Harmonia opens her doors for all the kids of Curacao this holiday who are fond of horses. They have 3 programmes this holiday:

*Girls Only Holiday Plan 24 April & Tuesday 25 April)
This special Girls Only holiday programme is for horse & pony-crazy girls up to 14 years. A morning from 8:30 – 12:30 filled with Horse & pony fun games and activities, including ‘Pimp your Pony’ competition.
Snacks and drinks are provided but you have to bring your own lunchbox.
Costs are Naf 65,- for 1 morning.
Check them out on

*Holiday plan Rancho Harmonia (Tuesday 18 April Wednesday 19 April)
All cowboys and cowgirls are welcome for this programme, up to 10 years. Two mornings filled with ‘rancho fun and games’.
Costs are Naf 120,- for 2 days, bring your own lunchbox.

*Boys Only Holiday Plan (Tuesday 25 April)
Cowboys only for this one! From 8:30 – 12:30 the boys will have the Rancho to care for, play games and go on an exciting treasure hunt.
Costs are Naf 65,- for 1 morning.

*Farm Fun Holiday Workshops at Hofi Cas Cora (18 – 20 April & 24 – 26 April)
Spring time on the farm, all is blooming and there are lots of babies!
After the Easter Weekend I’m sure you’re all ready to go play, explore, and cook!
Join us for a morning (or more) during the Eater Holidays where we explore the farm, the animals and get up to all sorts of yummy spring cooking!
Be sure to register for this Farm Fun holiday plan!
Tue 18th April – Thursday 20th April from 9:00 – 12:00
Mon 24th April – Wednesday 26th April from 9:00 – 12:00
Costs are Naf75,- for a day or Naf 150,- for 3 days.

*Easter Vacation Camp @ Curacao Zoo (17-21 April 2017)
Every day of the week (Mon – Fri) , half day programmes including nature related activities with the flora and fauna found at the zoo, build your own birdhouse, and paint your own t-shirt.
These half-day programmes are for kids from 4 – 13 years, including refreshments and lunch.
Costs are Naf 45,-per day or 5-day package deal for Naf 175,-

*Easter Vacation Plan @ Curacao Seaquarium
Awesome holiday activities for our ‘water-babies’
Half-day activities from 9 – 12:00 or Thursday evening snorkel from 18:00 – 21:00.
Prices: Naf 40,- p/day or Naf 150,- all week (5 days) incl refreshments and snorkel-gear, for kids aged 6 – 13 years.
Tue 18 april 9 – 12:00 – (easter-) egg day / Wed 9 – 12:00 aquarist day / Thu evening snorkel18:00 – 21:00/ Fri 9 – 12:00 shark ‘n ray day
Mon 24 April 9 – 12:00 dolfun day/ Tue 25 April 9 – 12 Aquarist day / Wed 26 April evening snorkel 18:00 -21:00 / Thu 27 April no programme / Fri 28 April 9 – 12 sea turtle special day

And of course there is the great wind surfing crash course for kids at WindSurfing Curacao

Whatever you get up to these holidays, be sure to have FUN!
active outdoor holiday activities for kids on Curacao


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