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Green and Purple Smoothies and a whole lot of Crunch!

Throughout the week of Food Revolution Day we offered the students at Business School Netherlands refreshing smoothies and other wholesome snacks.

On Monday my colleagues and I headed for the business school’s kitchen and blended way on some lovely fresh banana and strawberry smoothies and chopped some fruits to make a lovely fresh fruit salad. Due to health regulations we unfortunately are not allowed to actually cook anything from the kitchen, so I’d baked the crunchy granola bars at home the day before.

Moothies and granola bars
Food Revolution Day 1 – Smoothies and granola bars

Tuesday we made some more awesome smoothies, and on request some veggie sticks made up of radishes, mini cucumber and baby tomatoes.

Food Revolution Day 2
Food Revolution Day 2 – Smoothies and Veggie Sticks

Wednesday and Thursday we didn’t get a change to make anything, too many students in house and we couldn’t get a spot in the kitchen to make our mess (we did tidy up afterwards, promise!).

On Food Revolution Day itself (May 17th) we got rocking on time, blended some green and purple smoothies together, inspired by the “15 Minute Meals” book by Jamie Oliver. We also spoiled the students with some low fat Greek Yoghurt with seasonal berries and a drizzle of honey.

Food Revolution Day 3
Food Revolution Day 3 – Green and Purple Smoothies

From the reactions we got it certainly seemed that we ROCKED! So a huge thanks to everyone involved and everyone who made it possible to do this!

Looking forward to continuing this type of catering to the students, I’m going to try to make an appointment with the current caterer and make him change his spread a bit, of course all inspired by Jamie Oliver.

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