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Food Revolution Day coming up!

Unbelievable how time flies! It’s taken Mother Nature a while (so have I), but spring seems to finally kicked winter’s butt on this side of the world! Wow what a long dreadful winter we have had, but some awesome moments, plenty of ice skating on natural ice and plenty of thinking of Food Revolution ideas.

And now time has come to finally decide what I’m going to do for Food Revolution Day 2013. Check it out on YourMunchies :

Unlike in other countries, I think that the majority of the primary school kids and their parents are rather health and food conscious, or at least at our girls’ primary school. No cookies or chocolate cakes for a snack, preferably whole wheat, and a healthy (fruity) snack a day, and at least two drinks for a school day. The school has its own vegetable yard, with fruit trees and a big walnut tree in the courtyard. Once a week the kids divide into small groups to cook something special and delicious for the rest of the class in the school kitchen, a great way to get the kids to work together and discover new tastes and textures.

Thanks to an inspiring video shared by the Food Revolution Community ( I made the decision on having my Food Revolution Day at the office! That is where I, together with plenty more dedicated colleagues; spend at least 40 hours of our week. The video, in combination with some terrible eating habits we’ve all grown accustomed to at the office, made me realise that there is plenty room for improvement. During the week, for example, I often eat my breakfast in the car, on a busy day we eat our sandwich (if you have) behind your desk, we drink too much filter coffee (thinking we will stay on the ball because of it) or drink cup after cup of green tea infused with hot water (the Dutch still haven’t learned how to brew a decent cuppa) under the pretence that the antioxidants in green tea will make up for the eating-behind-the-desk-because-I-am-too-busy behaviour.
So, as spring has finally sprung, and we are fortunate enough to have a lovely courtyard at the office, I am going to make it my mission in the week of Food Revolution Day 2013 to provide my colleagues some decent (second) breakfast, wholesome snacks and decent lunch…in the courtyard!
Breakfast is just so important, it makes your day! It doesn’t have to be a plate full of bacon and eggs, even a simple fruit salad can do the trick.

After a hectic morning at the office, tummy full with filter coffee, the most common thing to grab next is an instant soup like Cuppa Soup, freeze dried Thai Chicken or Tuscan Tomato filled with flavourings and additives. Surely we know better than that! We don’t feed it to our kids, so why do we eat it?
Do you really enjoy your (home-made) sandwich behind your desk? Do you even take a moment to taste what it is that you’re eating? I’m going to bring some easy ingredients every day to the office, and make lunch for whoever wants to join me in the courtyard, and start the conversation!

Cook it, share it, live it! #FRD2013

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