Farm to table on Curacao

I’m normally not that big on food hypes, but when it comes to Farm-to-Table hypes I’m all in!
Although it seems to become more than a hype, Farm-to-Table is a very favourable hype for local farmers, local entrepreneurs and a great hype for Food Revolution Curacao.

So excited to be part of this Farm to Table project
So excited to be part of this Farm to Table project

I’ve been playing around with the idea of having a school garden, like an ‘edible school yard’ as part of the cooking lessons at school.

Most of our produce on Curacao is imported from surrounding countries like Venezuela or even as far as Europe. This results in high food costs and sometimes even a sparsity on certain, seemingly simple, items like tomatoes and cucumbers.
I’ve been wanting to make more use of the local produce during the cooking classes as well, as I feel that the kids can learn so much from the crops being grown around them on the island. And not only from the product, but also the growth process, as too often this knowledge gets lost with time.

A while ago I was at the Farmer’s Market and as a Food Revolution Ambassador I got inspired by seeing the produce available on this island. I also met up with Femi and Joshua from Hofi Cas Cora. A lovely young team going for growth, literally an figuratively 🙂

A Hofi is a typical Curacao farming estate, mostly with colonial roots. The estate consists of a main house and a few smaller worker houses and a big piece of land available for growing fruit and vegetable crops and live stock.
Growing crops and farming live stock can be a daunting task but thankfully the guys and gals at Hofi Cas Cora are near pro’s at it.
They’re a young bunch, going for growth, not only for their crops but also for their business and the growth for the Farm-to-Table philosophy as they use their own crops and locally farmed produce in their restaurant meals, and create more awareness for locals to buy local and eat local.

Okra plant has such a pretty flower.
Okra plant has such a pretty flower.

What they’ve been achieving in their restaurant, I would love to do with the cooking classes. So we met up and got some plans together. Together with Food Revolution Curacao we will soon offer short farm to table cooking sessions with kids on location at Hofi Cas Cora so that the kids too can enjoy the local produce. This is so exciting, as what tastes better than a fresh mango smoothie or a delightfully refreshing papaya lime sorbet that you make from scratch… better still you even picked the fruits from the tree!!!

Stay up to date with the dates of these workshops by liking my Facebook page and be sure to check out Hofi Cas Cora and all the great stuff they get up to!!!

The restaurant is open Sat - Sun from 9 - 15
The restaurant is open Sat – Sun from 9 – 15

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