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Kids Cook Club 2017

Join us for a weekly Kids Cook Club programme where I will teach you the essential kitchen skills and product knowledge to boost your confidence in the kitchen as a junior chef.Kids cook clubThe weekly Kids Cook Programme is for kids aged 6 – 12 years old looking to better their basic kitchen skills and product knowledge. The basic kitchen skills include basic knife skills, hygiene and basic cooking skills.

Combining farm fresh ingredients increases the kids’ knowledge on local fruits and vegetables, enabling them to apply this knowledge at home.
These skills and knowledge will create even more enthusiasm and understanding for real food and the ways to prepare a wholesome meal at home.

Both team work and working as an individual is part of this programme as there will be tasks to be completed as a team but also as an individual like you would in a real kitchen.
The chefs will have a moment during the workshop to enjoy their freshly cooked meal.

All of our dishes will be determined by the season’s best and inspired by the world’s favourite flavours! Upon completion of the programme the chefs will receive a certificate and a recipe book.

This programme will take place every Tuesday afternoon from 14:30 – 16:30 starting on 7th February 2017. Costs are NAF 165,- per person per month/4 weeks or TRY OUT for Naf35,-  (all inclusive). REGISTER HERE

Muriel’s Kitchen is dedicated to giving every child the experience of a positive connection to whole food and empowering them to cook for themselves and their family. Kids Cook Club 2017

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