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Food Revolution Day 2014 – preparation

Oh my goodness, is it really that time of the year again? Remembering the success of Food Revolution Day 2013, the excitement for Food Revolution Day 2014 comes rushing in. I can’t believe how time flies when you’re having fun. Fun and Excitement is exactly what we’re looking for on this year’s FRD2014; let’s get kids excited about cooking real food.

Food Revolution Day 2014
Food Revolution Day 2014

As a home cook and real food junky I see the excitement with the kids when they help me in the kitchen. Getting the kids involved in preparing their own meals not only educated them about the flavours and cooking methods, it also gets them more excited about eating their meals.

Jamie Oliver’s mission this Food Revolution Day is to get as many schools tuned into his live cooking session and my mission is to get as many kids excited about real food. So how am I going to get as many schools on Curacao to sign up to watch this live cooking session with Jamie and how am I going to get the kids on Curacao excited about real food?

Let’s start by simply inviting all the schools to register on Friday 16th May at 09:00 Curacao time (14:00 BST) on
Jamie’s tasty and nutritious Rainbow salad wrap (pdf.) will be part of the invite. This wrap was designed for kids; Jamie will make this wrap in his live cooking session.
I believe that the kids on Curacao should become more familiar with the local fruits of the region. They’re packed with the goodness of the Caribbean sun and fresh air. My idea to get kids (and adults) excited about real food is to have a spot in either a school or a supermarket, where we can have some local produce available for tasting and have recipes available to make at home, together.

Rainbow salad wrap
Jamie’s Rainbow salad wrap

With this idea I’m going to approach the large supermarkets and ask if they are willing to sponsor Food Revolution Day 2014 by granting me a space in their shop and sponsor the ingredients.

If you have any suggestions or connections I should get in touch with, or if you want to get involved, please let me know!
Let’s see what comes of this, am very excited about all this! 🙂

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