5 kid friendly restaurants on Curacao

Yay! Time flies when you’re having fun! I can clearly remember writing about the 11th Restaurant Week Curacao, and look at us now; the 12th edition is on its way!
Super excited as I love the concept of trying out restaurants for a decent price, thing is I also like to bring our mini*.Restaurant Week Curacao - 12th Edition Thank goodness for us our mini has a mini sister so they can entertain each other although that doesn’t always go as planned. Either way, with or without extra mini as back up, as parents we ever so often find ourselves looking for that one restaurant where the grown ups can have a lovely evening as well as the kids. Dream on?

Well, I’ve done some research and come up with these 5 beautiful restaurants that I’m willing to take our kids to for a night out as a (well mannered) family**

– Espetada House
With its roots in Madeira, Portugal, this restaurant stands out from the crowd. The grill master knows what he’s doing with the beautiful espetadas on the grill. Opened in 2009 this is a family run restaurant with an international cuisine, specialising in their famous flame grilled espetadas. Kids will love the vibe in this place and will most certainly be impressed by the giant skewers.

– Fort Nassau
This one is more for the families who dare to dine with their kids. Fort Nassau offers a great night out for you and your kids, enjoying the fantastic view I would suggest to be there before sunset. The menu will please your young connoisseurs without a doubt!

– Karakter
This magical, tucked away little place just keeps coming back onto the list. That is because it really is a little gem on the island, to dine with the kids or just the two of you, it’s a bubbling little spot serving real food real good!

– L’Aldea
The illusion of the rainforest created at L’Aldea is magical on it’s own. Go early and you can book a tour through the animal kingdom of the rainforest before you head off to dine in style with the kids. A wide variety of foods to choose from will satisfy the pickiest eater.

– Brakkeput MeiMei  A great place to bring the kids. Start your evening out with a round of mini-golf (put-put) through the beautifully landscaped garden. Enjoy a fresh meal on the deck of the old ‘landhuis’ watching the night sky and counting stars.

As far as taking kids out to dine, or for a bite to eat, I have a few more pointers that might make your evening more positively memorable:
– bring the teddy… even if they say it’s ok… bring the teddy anyway
– consider bringing some of the favourite drinks if you don’t want them to drink cool drinks all the time
– limit the sugar intake while dining out, this could cause spontaneous energy bursts (at the most inconvenient times, believe you me…)
– have fun, laugh, love and be happy! And leave the kids at home next time 😉

*Refers to our teenage daughter who is a spitting image of me, by looks and behaviour so I’m told.
**Terms and conditions apply, no marriages were hurt during research, all kids came home with us.

kid friendly restaurants on Curacao


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