Self-discovery exercise

Growth Mindset Training for kids – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a customised Growth Mindset Training for kids – to understand and recognise one-self, assist in developing resilience, help regulate emotions in difficult situations, and to strengthen the growth mindset.

The first exercise, “Who am I”, is all about self-discovery. Something that seemed to be rather foreign to the kids in the pilot group, therefore an insightful start!

What if we could work together with our kids on building resilience, acknowledge and understand their thoughts and emotions
a little better?

Growth mindset Training Exercise

The first part of the Dream Catcher workbook is all about learning to understand and discover one-self, inside and out: what you look like, how others see you, what matters to you and your mental and physical super powers.

Letting the kids actively explore and define these aspects of one-self allows for a clearer image of the positive self and builds on a positive change in behaviour.
If we want to make a change or improvement we first have to identify and index what we have.

For this exercise we have a look at you, what do you look like on the outside and what are the things around you that define you?

Although these exercises are self-explanatory, assisted guidance is always available through coaching sessions or join the closed Facebook group for advise on lifting, growing and generating a growth mindset with kids. 

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