Dream Catcher

Growth Mindset training for kids

All kids should be stimulated to explore their curiosity within their environment. To explore and understand one’s true self is the main purpose of this project workbook.

Today’s society is already setting norms and values, something the kids will have to live up to. Self-knowledge, insight and knowing how to handle accordingly, are important conditions to consider when growing up.

Dream Catcher – Growth Mindset training for kids, is a customised workbook designed to understand, recognise and assist oneself in developing resilience, helping to regulate emotions in difficult situations and to strengthen the ‘growth mindset’.

Developing and understanding your own ‘Growth mindset’ is about the individual and their immediate environment.
The exercises in the project workbook are part of the practical creative ‘Growth mindset’ training. The exercises ask for a true expression in writing or drawing the expressions, as creative orientation allows for free expression and stimulates resilience development.

Dream Catcher
Growth Mindset Training for kids (and parents)

In just 5 online sessions we will train you techniques, hand you tools and tricks to help your child (and you) maintain a Growth Mindset.

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Dream Catcher – Growth Mindset training for kids 

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The educational training programme provided here is intended solely for the personal enrichment and are for education and/or illustration purposes only.

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