Mind-Mapping for kids

Growth Mindset training for kids

Most kids experience some form of anxiety or stress during their school years.  Yet they way they express this is not always the same.
Based on their behaviour, their expression, we look for tools or skills to assist them in dealing with the pressure or anxiety they’re experiencing.

Mind-mapping is one of those tools we can teach youngsters in order to create structure; an overview of their thoughts and/ or their (want) to-do list.
By providing structure and training them to create such an overview.  When they feel overwhelmed, we are providing a mindfulness technique that provides a mental connection in order to improve study skills and seemingly complex issues easier to understand.

The use of colours, images and keywords in mind-mapping enables the creative thinker to memorise and understand the connection much easier.
Research has shown that our brains work in circular pathways. This helps us see relationships, associations and connections.

Mind-mapping for kids

How does it work?
For the younger kids you might want to assist them in starting the mind map. Once they’ve found the groove of it, they’ll take off by themselves.
The older kids might have done some sort of mind mapping at schools already.

Think of an issue you are trying to solve, something that needs to be organised, or a goal you want to achieve, this can be anything.
Start in the middle of the mind map, you can draw your own or use the one in Dream Catcher – Growth Mindset Training for kids.
Your main problem, issue, challenge is in the middle block of the midmap. From the middle you work your way outwards, filling each block with a keyword, colour, or picture, the way you see fit.
Give it a try!

Let me know how it works for your kids, as always: Any questions – I’m happy to help!

-x- Muriel

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