Growth mindset training

Isn’t that what each of us wants?
For our child to become an adult who can make good decisions, who feels confident and knows herself?

'Help me to help myself'

- Maria Montessori

Kids’ Mental Health has never been as important as now!
Our customised Growth Mindset Training programme has transformed many kids (and parents) in regulating Big Emotions.
In just 5 weeks we will teach you techniques, hand you tools and tricks to help your child (and you) to transform your self-confidence.
The exercises in the Dream Catcher workbook will lay the foundation for the 5 online coaching sessions, and the additional materials will assist you in the mindset transformation.


Let's grow your child's self-confidence together!
In just 5 sessions we will train you techniques, hand you tools and tricks.

Research has shown that there is a rise in cases of (younger) children struggling with their mental health. Parents and teachers notice a change in behaviour either at school, social events or at home. Sometimes we really wonder where that ‘Attitude Monster’ was hiding and how to make it go away a.s.a.p!
Our customised Growth Mindset Training programme will teach your child (and you) techniques to apply when dealing with these types of Big Emotions.

Over a total of 5 online sessions we will transform and grow both your mindsets!

Growth Mindset Training overview

Workbook - part I

Self- discovery

The first part of the training covers self-discovery and dives deeper into the true self and self-confidence development.

workbook - part II


The Superpowers are explored in the second part, a place to discover talents and qualities.

workbook - part iii

Future Super Self

Together you will discover ways to define your child’s dreams and true self.

training extras

+ Roadmap
+ First Aid reminder
+ Big Feels journal
+ Online Coaching

During the online one-on-one coaching sessions we will discuss the progress, techniques and tools.

Growth Mindset Training

The Growth Mindset Training course includes the Dream Catcher exercise book and 5 online private coaching sessions. Additional are the Roadmap to a Growth Mindset, the Big Feels journal (valued at $15.99), the First Aid Growth Mindset Reminder poster, and the Superpowers colouring page for extra at – home – support.

In total there will be 5 one-on-one coaching sessions. The exercises from Dream Catcher – the workbook- will be discussed during the sessions and the progress made.
The fifth session will be spend on reflecting and feedback in order to maintain a growth mindset.

Should you find that you have not achieved what you set out to achieve during the 5 sessions, you are more than welcome to book additional one-on-one sessions.

The one-on-one sessions are just 30 minutes each, as the sessions take place online via video call this is about the maximum attention span for a child.
Additional time can always be booked.

After each session you will be given some homework to complete before the next session. These are some of the exercises from the workbook Dream Catcher.

Yes, this in order to book your spot on the coaching schedule and to pin the commitment both the parent and the child need to have in order to partake in the Growth Mindset training course. It all starts with making that commitment to change.

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