DIY Weather Station

Enjoy the weather even when it’s a bit too much to enjoy outdoors! 


This DIY weather station for kids is a fun interactive indoor activity to do when the outdoors is just a bit too much.

Extreme weather, hot or cold, sometimes limits our time outdoors, thankfully nature is mostly just a window away!

Keeping a running log of the weather helps children understand the weather better and assist them in coping with having to stay indoors (for either the heat or the cold).
Making observations with this DIY weather station about the weather and discussing climate are great ways to teach children about science, as the weather is something that is relatable and easy to understand.

To optimise this activity you can set up a weather station outside, so that the kids can easily track the temperature, wind direction, precipitation and such.
The weather station can include items such as a thermometer, a content indicating vessel (to measure the rainfall) and even a barometer.

Alternatively, and this is also very cool 😉 would be to set up a weather tracking station. Together with the kids you can check the data on the local weather app (for Curacao that would be, print the worksheets and let the kids record the data.
Although the weather is very predictable in the Caribbean, the change of seasons is always noticeable.

Make sure you take the time to discuss the kid’s recorded data and their observations about the weather. Have they noticed the seasonal change? Has the temperature increased or decreased? Has the rainy season finally begun?
What types of clouds dominate the skies in your region? How do they form?
(Have you tried another fun experiment? Make a cloud in a jar!?)

For the true storm chasers you can also start tracking the hurricanes in the region, provides some interesting weather information.

So many fun options to enjoy the weather even when it’s a bit too much to enjoy outdoors!

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