Advent Calendar

Counting down the days

The popular tradition of counting down the days until Christmas arose in Germany in the late 1800s. These days the Advent Calendar starts from the beginning of December until the 24th, Christmas eve.

This year is going to be an extra special Christmas, with the world being struck by this pandemic, we will all remember this weird special time.

Many of us have had to deal with serious struggles, loss and a wobbly mind throughout the last year. Mental health has finally become a subject in day to day conversations and getting help is generally more accepted than ever! One of the ups of this year!

Another up of this year is that more and more people have (seemingly) become less and less of a ‘material girl’. Now that we don’t travel the way we used to, we can’t shop the way we used to, and some don’t earn the way they used to, there seems to be a growing trend of consumer consciousness.
It looks like there is a bit more thought put into gifts, wanna-haves and needs.

So in light of the great feeling and tradition of Advent, in build up to Christmas and the bearing of the last days of 2020, why not create your own calendar?

I’ve done some of the work for you; some fun design Advent Calendar printable tags. Different designs on the tags, all in-line with the same Advent theme.
For you to fill in as you please.

We stuck each tag on a small envelope with a special daily message inside. This can be a message of endearment, a goal for 2021, or an encouraging message as this household has seen its fair share of 2020 mayhem. 

The envelopes will hang from a simple string somewhere central in our house, for all to see, for all to be reminded of the countdown to a new season of our very own (could be a Netflix) series.

Amazing to see how our kids remain so thankful and flexible through this pandemic. Being ‘stuck’ on a small island and not having everything at hand, they’re really the superstars of our story in 2020, showing true creativity and determination throughout! 

With all this said and done, I want to wish you a good December 2020, filled with love and laughter. 

Take care,
 -x- Muriel 

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